March 27, 2008

my life is crazy busy wherever I go... I know, it's ME!


Hawaii Visitors 2008!
SO just wanted to post a quick update, because between visitors to our island home I am trying to get as much work done as possible! Mostly so I can run off and go snorkeling with them. :)

1. Hawai'i animals finally up on website! Yay! Go look! Wildlife of Hawai'i
In other jewelry news, they are selling well at that one local store, and I am approaching three others that look like good fits. Monterey Bay Aquarium has only sold my OTTER necklaces so far but they just ordered MANY MORE OTTERS! MUST MAKE MORE OTTERS!

2. We're training for another triathlon (actually, two) that are taking place on the big island while we're here. LAVAMAN, an olympic distance, is coming up really soon -- April 6th! eeee!

3. I am still trying to finish posting all the photos I took when occlupanid, soundhive, and aupanner came to visit. My upload speed here is REEEEAALLY slow. Click on the cute pic to see the set so far...

I AM trying to keep up on all your ljs and flickrs and stuff. I miss you! More soon! ALOHA!

Posted by tammy at March 27, 2008 12:41 PM