July 10, 2012

Going to San Diego comic con with a bunch of NEW STUFF

The time has finally come - I'm leaving Wednesday morning for the epic 5-day nerdfest known as the San Diego Comic Con, INTERNATIONAL! If you were lucky enough to get tickets this year, I hope you'll come by my table in the small press area. You can find small press around row 1800, towards the back of the hall - and as I usually do, I'll be sharing a table (O-13) with Josh Frankel, another artist who makes all kinds of awesome stuff that he will sell to you!

I've got a pretty impressive pile of new stuff I'll be bringing to sell at the convention, check it out:

Stellanova Jewelry PRINTS!

At long last, I'm finally making prints of my Stellanova Jewelry illustrations. Printed on archival paper and ink, they will be sold in a black, acid-free 8"x10" mat with custom designed (by me, of course!) laser-etched decorative borders. I am really excited about these! I think it will be a great way for people to get their hands on my designs even if they're not jewelry people. I will of course be offering these for sale online as soon as I get back.

Dreaming Sea, Volume 2

This book is the second collection of my diary/web/animal/etc. short comics, including the first four pages of a bigger story about the rescue of a Blainville's beaked whale I participated in a couple of summers ago. Some of these have already been posted on this blog, and some will be entirely new to you!

Nature Notebook

I will be selling copies of my new sketchbook/notebook, published by Heyday Books and Yosemite Conservancy. You can also get it on Amazon, but wouldn't it be more fun to buy it from ME, IN PERSON?

new jewelries

I finished the three new pieces I posted about previously, the scarlet ibis, luna moth, and polar bear. I haven't even had time to photograph the finished jewelry but I'll be putting these up for sale on the web soon as well!

I will also of course be selling many of my other pendants, rings, and cufflinks at the convention, as well as my previous comics. Now that I've typed this all out I can't believe how much I've created in the last few months leading up to comic-con, especially considering we just moved back to Berkeley from Hawai'i last week. WHEW! When I get back, I'll probably sleep for a week.

Posted by tammy at July 10, 2012 6:11 PM