September 3, 2012

All KINDS of new products for sale at my Etsy store: a summary!

It seems that I spent a fair amount of time in the first half of the year making new products, because it's taken me quite a while to get all these things photographed and ready for purchase on my store. I'm really excited about all this new stuff, I hope you'll go take a look.

New Necklace Designs

I've got lots of new jewelry available, and more to come soon. My three newest pendant designs, the polar bear, scarlet ibis, and luna moth, are all available on Etsy (although not on the official Stellanova Jewelry site as of yet.)

here are the listings for each:

polar bear

scarlet ibis

luna moth

New Earrings

Next, I am so excited to be able to share with you some of the work I've been collaborating on with the fabulously talented Jeanne Buffa. Jeanne has an amazing eye for color and texture, and a natural gift for sorting through piles of decorative fabric, beads, feathers, broken bits of jewelry and remnants which she assembles into gorgeous wearable art. Each pair of earrings is one-of-a-kind - we make multiples of the same Stellanova Jewelry design (the butterfly, the bee, etc.) but each pair is adorned with different feathers and jewelry depending on what Jeanne has on hand and what she's feeling inspired by.


seahorses, butterflies, swallows

Visit the earrings section to see all the pieces available now on Etsy.

Bird Stationery

Last fall, I was absolutely delighted when a pair of bird enthusiast friends of mine commissioned me to make a series of bird illustrations for their wedding. They decided that each table at the reception should be identified with a bird image instead of a number, so they chose twelve bird species with special significance to them. I got to draw a wonderful variation of west coast bird species, and with their permission, I have now
chosen two different sets of five birds each that I think make wonderful blank card/stationery sets.


set 1. see it on etsy


set 2. see it on etsy

Stellanova Jewelry Prints

And finally, here's a few more images of the new Stellanova Jewelry prints, mentioned a couple posts ago:

Visit the prints section of my Etsy store, for these and other assorted prints.

Whew! More soon, if you can believe it!

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