January 30, 2005


I am so excited that friends have actually started commissioning me to
do artwork for them! Every time someone asks me to draw or paint
something for them, not only am I flattered that they like my artwork
enough to want to PAY for it, but I feel like I'm getting a little closer to
my goal of supporting myself with my art. Here are a couple examples
of commissions I have done this week.

Meriko will use this sea turtle on birth announcements she is designing
for a friend.

Khris asked me to draw a duck and a badger hugging for some change-of-address
postcards she will be sending out.

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January 20, 2005

see some art

So part of the reason I was finally convinced to start a blog was
because Meriko has been encouraging me to start regularly posting
artwork I'm doing, something I've also been wanting to do for a
while. I've finally gotten around to it!
For my first art-post, here are a couple detail shots from the mural
I painted in Orion Ellefson's nursery (son of Bob and Yvonne). The
theme was the Monterey kelp forest, and I just LOVED working on
it -- the subject matter couldn't have been more up my alley :)
As an added treat, Bob took Todd and I diving in Monterey the day
before I started painting for "inspiration". Not only did the trip end
up influencing the kind of things I put in the mural, it reminded me
how much I LOVE diving, even in the cold waters of Monterey bay.
I DEFINITELY have to get out there more often.

pacific harbor seal

black rockfish

orange rockfish

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