February 16, 2005


If you are afraid of dog nerds, please stop reading now.
Bishop, Todd and I spent the last two evenings glued to the tv watching the 2005 Westminster dog show. We had our own handmade scorecards, ate corn dogs, and drank "dirty dog" cocktails -- a tasty blend of vodka, cognac, cranberry juice, oj, and crushed ice.
One of my favorite things to do while watching the dog show (besides hitting Todd and saying "Oh my GOD LOOK AT HIM!") is to try to sketch as many of the doggies as possible as they are displayed on tv for their 15 seconds of fame.
I did a lot of sketches, but had the best opportunity to sketch during the final 'best in show' competition between the 7 'best in group' dogs, who each get a lot more time in the spotlight. I am such a nerd that I had to put together my own little finalist sheet today in Photoshop so maybe anyone who reads this will get an idea of how awesome the finalists are! Or at least what a total geek I am.


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February 10, 2005

student loan souvenirs

Bishop and I hatched a plan a few years ago, dismayed by the dismal selection of really COOL souvenirs of our cool city. How fun would it to make a bunch of San Francisco souvenirs that young, hip travelers might actually want, instead of the ubiquitous cheesy cursive San Francisco sweatshirt or the cable car spoonrest? We also needed money for our student loans. Badly. We had a really fun day in the summer of 2003 driving around San Francisco, armed with digital cameras, shooting photo reference of all the familiar sites. As residents, we don't visit these touristy places often, but it was really fun to hit them all at once -- Coit tower, Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, Chinatown...
The plan was put on hold for various reasons, but recently we've started talking about it again, and I've started production on some artwork with our future student loan souvenirs empire in mind. Here is an in-progress piece for an Ocean Beach/Cliff House image.


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