June 29, 2005

It's the Picos -- the avian part of our family!

Here's the two of them -- That's Pico in the foreground and Mango in the background. Pico would like to bite the camera.


Aren't they pretty?

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June 27, 2005

Flugfelag Islands

Here is another sketch from my Iceland journal: the Fokker 50 Todd and I flew between Akureyri (a small town in the north of Iceland) and Reykjavik. Look, it's getting gas! "Flugfelag Islands" translates to Airlines Iceland, Iceland's domestic carrier (not to be confused with Iceland Air, Iceland's international airline). I love drawing airplanes -- I think it's because they're basically like dinosaurs or some other big animal. :)


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June 18, 2005


A preview sketch from my Iceland journal.
I will post lots more scans and photos once my film is developed!


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June 16, 2005

back from the LAND of ICE

I have just returned from an amazing 10-day trip in Iceland, where Todd and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, saw puffins, ran around Reykjavik with Carrie, Karen, Mo, Patrick and Jen, and experienced the MIDNIGHT SUN.
Here's Todd a bit after "sunset", about 12:30am, with Reykjavik harbor in the background.


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June 1, 2005

we went and saw the MEAT LILY

An exciting event has happened at the San Francisco conservatory of flowers --
the titan lily has bloomed and opened!


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