August 30, 2005

Little Sister's Gettin' MARRIED!


*sniffle* SO CUTE!

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August 14, 2005

birdnerd artwork!


One piece from a series of paintings I'm working on right now. I chose nine places I've visited in the last few years and then selected a bird I remembered seeing at each of those places. I'm now doing paintings on scraps of found wood (a few of these scraps are part of my own house!) that feature each of these birds, collaged with a map of where I saw them and some text -- their latin name, english name, and the name they are called in the local language. I came up with this idea after returning from Iceland, so I thought I'd scan in the Iceland one as an example. I spent so much of my time in Iceland looking at birds, identifying them, drawing them, and pointing them out to anyone who cared! When I got home I realized I was amassing quite a collection of bird sketches, photos, and memories from my travels, and it was time to catalog them in a creative way.
This piece depicts an Arctic Tern, Sterna paradisaea, called "Kria" in Icelandic. Todd and I spent our first few days in Iceland in a small northern fishing town called Akureyri, nestled in a fjord. All day long, but especially around sunset (11:15pm?!) we noticed lots of these guys swooping, diving, and squealing right at the shore. They have sharp-looking, pointed wings, and beautiful forked tails that are visible when they're flying. Interesting fact about Arctic Terns: they migrate farther than any other bird, all the way from the Arctic to the Antarctic Ocean!

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