November 7, 2005



On November 5th, 2005, Todd and I completed the Treasure Island Triathlon -- olympic distance. I still can't believe it. At some point during the run (the last section) it started to finally dawn on me -- I'm going to FINISH THIS! I have never really done any kind of atheletic competition, and there were a number of moments beforehand where I said to myself WHAT AM I *DOING* HERE?
But I did it!
More details for those interested...

The race consisted of a .9 mile swim in chilly open water (wetsuit and hood, unless you were NUTS), followed immediately by a 24.6 mile bike ride (6 laps around Treasure Island) and then as fast as you could get from your bike shoes to your run shoes, a 6.2 mile run. The weather was gorgeous -- even if the water is 60 degrees, having the sun out makes a big psychological difference. I'd been having some problems with my knee on the bike, but either the adrenalin or the knee warmers I put on really helped. I actually had a lot of fun on the bike -- the course was very technical, with 9(!) 90 degree turns per lap, but I'd spent a lot of time training out there so I was passing people regularly and getting a big kick out of taking the turns really fast on my speedy new road bike. The run felt slow but actually my time was pretty good for me! Started to get hot during the run (which I was doing from 11:15-12:10 or so) but luckily there was someone with a water sprayer out at the run turn around -- I got hosed down each time I passed her and it really helped. Here are my stats!

501/736 overall
126/271 women
38/83 my division (W 30-34)

swim time: 37:18
first transition (out of wetsuit, on to bike!) 5:12 (took extra time to put on knee warmers and gloves)
bike time: 1:29:53
second transition (out of bike shoes, into run shoes!) 2:16
run time: 56:10 (average speed 9:03! Holy shit! That's faster than I've
ever run that distance!)
total time: 3:10:49
I had originally estimated between 3:15 and 3:30, so I was especially excited to beat that time.

Todd also TOTALLY rocked the house, coming in at 2:48:43 or so! See Todd's blog for his details. He's kicking ass!

What an incredible rush and sense of accomplishment. We're hooked! We are already planning to do the Wildflower Tri next May, at Lake San Antonio near Paso Robles. But for now, off to Hawaii Thursday!

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