December 23, 2005

Current Works in Progress (or, PAINTING IS HARD)

I love the sketches, but as usual, trying to do a full-blown painting is difficult and sometimes frustrating (like right now)! I've reached a point where I'm feeling some uncertainty with painting the fabric in both of these pieces, and it was making me frustrated enough that I decided to pause and scan and post some stuff instead.

Here's the sketch of the first one:

and the painting in progress:


I'm doing this thing I like to do where I draw and paint the subject(s) of the painting on a seperate piece of paper (usually bristol board) and then I cut them out and paste them down on the actual piece (in this case, doorskin, the super thin plywood hollow-core indoor doors are often made from). I've arrived at this particular thing because a) I'm really anal about smooth, even backgrounds, and trying to get backgrounds smooth and even around complex forground elements is a bitch, and b) because there is something that I feel is so special about having these almost paper doll-like characters that I make, cut out, and then glue down. I also really like the collage-y effect of the pasted down elements. However, I often get impatient when I'm working on two seperate things that will eventually merge, so in this case I've partially cut out the bird woman even though she's not done, and laid her over the completed background just to get an idea of how it's going to look.

So here's the second sketch:


and the in-progress painting:

In this case, I haven't started the background yet, so I haven't cut this character out. With both of these pieces, their final reproduced size will be about 8"x4.5", folded in half. I'm painting them about twice as large, then I will scan them in and reduce them.

More updates as I go! Might be a couple weeks though, since I'm going away for the holidays. I think I'd rather be in the studio!

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