August 17, 2006

gorgeous songs for road-trippin'

Now that I know ms. kavavita has received it, I can post about the mix cd I made for her to listen to on her cross-country vision quest road trip extravaganza!
I've been thinking about her a lot as she travels, and decided to put together a mix of songs for her to listen to that include songs that I associate with driving, traveling alone in the car and thinking, songs for healing and moving on, as well as songs I've been really into lately that I think she would really enjoy too. This exercise finally forced me to figure out how to use our incredibly easy-to-use cd burner, and reminded me how much I love putting mixes together. It was so easy, between itunes and the burner, that I think I'm going to be doing this kind of thing more often!

Here's the playlist:

Detouring America With Horns - Yo La Tengo
Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style - Sonic Youth
The 15th - Fischerspooner
Activated - Film School
Trouble - [The] Caseworker
Made-Up Dreams - Built To Spill
I Never Came - Queens Of The Stone Age
Pale Blue Eyes - REM
Pink Moon - Nick Drake
Pictures - Galaxie 500
Silver Rider - Low
Glorious - Lida Husik
On My Own - Ulrich Schnauss
Hunted By A Freak - Mogwai
Penelope - Pinback
Long Vermont Roads - The Magnetic Fields
Bingo - M.I.A.

Cover Art

Then it occured to me that a painting I'd done a few years ago was like the most appropriate cover art ever. In 2003 I did a series of paintings that illustrated ten songs, and this one was a painting about going on a road trip in the US, which is what I imagine when I hear the Yo La Tengo song "Detouring America With Horns". It's actually not clear at all that they are even singing about going on a road trip, but that's what this song sings to ME. Anyway, I'd even put the song on this mix for that reason! So, it all fits together!


Can't wait to hear what Kava thinks of it :)

Posted by tammy at 4:31 PM