September 29, 2006

Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon WOO!

Well, I now have a third triathlon under my belt! *FLEX*
And I finally have some time to post about it :)

The Sentinel Triathlon was SO much fun -- the weather was perfect, about 75 degrees and sunny, not too much wind on the bike course, the water was gorgeous... I had a wonderful time! There were a couple weird screw-ups, like how the run course was accidentally ONE HALF MILE LONGER than it was supposed to be (KILL ME!) but it didn't matter. Want the gory details?

So they had us walk all the way down the beach to the lifeguard station in front of the Giant Dipper to start the swim -- I think they had us start there so the course would actually be long enough. I had some time to get in the water and swim around a bit and adjust my goggles before starting, and it got rid of my nervousness and just got me all psyched to play in the waves and be in the ocean on such a gorgeous sunny morning! Then, while I was waiting at the start for the countdown, I heard someone faintly calling my name (I was wearing earplugs) -- Bob, Yvonne, Orion, and Marina had all come to see me off! Usually Todd's wave (men 30-39) starts way before mine, so I'm usually waiting all by myself for the race to start -- it was so nice to have friends out there cheering me on!
The swim went great, it felt wonderful to be in the water, it wasn't too crowded, and I could hear sea lions barking as I rounded the pier. Ran out of the water in just under 31 minutes! Fastest 1.5 km yet!

In this particular race, the 'transition area' (the place where we change and our bikes are parked and everything) was actually some distance away, straight uphill! It took me a while to get up there on my very cold bare feet. Yuck!

Running out of the transition area with my bike, I spotted Bob and Orion again, who'd come all the way back up from the beach to cheer me on! :)
The bike course was really fun, zipped all the way out to Davenport and back. No serious climbs, just some rolling hills and some wind coming off the ocean, which actually felt really nice! At some point on the ride I was startled to notice that I'd somehow lost the little 'timing chip' they give us to wear, so all my times from the end of the swim onward are estimates.

I have a speedometer/odometer thingy on my bike, which told me I did the bike portion in 1 hour 20 minutes -- another personal best!


The run is always the hardest part, but I felt stronger than I usually do starting out -- I attribute this to the sun and the breeze and being able to run along West Cliff Drive, with the ocean, birds, and sea lions right out there. I started to get dismayed, however, when it appeared that this run was taking me longer than expected... I tried to speed up, but I just couldn't go any harder! Later I found out the run was accidentally 6.8 miles instead of the regulation 6.2 miles, so NO WONDER... wish I'd known beforehand! Apparently the volunteers had set up the run turn-around in the wrong place...


Todd was there as I came in to the finish line to run the last 50 feet or so with me -- my own personal escort! I actually didn't feel completely trashed after the race, I think my body is starting to get used to the hell I put it through periodically...


It looks like I came in at about 3 hours, 4 minutes, which would have been UNDER 3 hours if the run course had actually been the right length. Under 3 hours was my goal... so I feel great :) Todd and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we've decided to do the Treasure Island Triathlon again this year, which is the first weekend in November. This will be our tri-a-versary or whatever, since Treasure Island is the first one we did last November. We are both hoping to show improvement over last year's times, considering how much we've accomplished this year!

After the race we dragged ourselves over to El Palomar, where so many friends showed up to eat and celebrate with us! I was so happy to see them all! I tried to eat everything, but eventually I got full.

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September 8, 2006

comics update

Russell has inspired me to post some updates on my comic's progress. I have been working pretty hard on this over the last few months, every time I'm not working on something more pressing, anyway! My current goal is to compile an anthology of short stories and get it printed in time for APE 2007. There are 4 stories total: one 18 pages, one 6 pages, one 4 pages, and one 2 pages. So far I have only worked on the 18 page one, a story called "Breeding Season", about my time spent working with elephant seals. Here are the current stats, and some in-progress pencils below:
pages mostly pencilled (all this story): 15
total pages in THIS story: 18
total pages in anthology: 30 (+2 endpapers)

Grad student stops by to tag newly weaned pups.

The harem is so full of females at the peak of the season the alpha male has his hands full trying to ward off all the males trying to sneak in and mate on the edges. The two lower panels depict how females can choose to alert the alpha male to this violation of etiquette, or not ;)

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September 7, 2006

One more triathlon for 2006...

I'm feeling kind of tired right now, and it's coming up really soon, but I am still so excited that thrustoleum and I will be doing the
Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon on Sunday September 24th!

This triathlon is something I've been looking forward to for a long time, mostly because it's like a tour of my old stomping grounds. First, a swim around Santa Cruz wharf with the sea lions! Then, run across Cowells beach, jump on my bike, and ride to the Daveport Cash Store, passing Bonny Doon Road on the way! Do a loop through the Long Marine Lab parking lot! Then, dump the bike, and run along West Cliff drive, past the lighthouse, turn around at Natural Bridges, and run back! The only way this tri could include more of my life in Santa Cruz would be to pass through the UCSC campus and actually dive into the Resort pool! Anyway, so I'm really excited, even though I've heard that when you swim around the pier the water is really stinky (SEA LION POO, perhaps)...
This race will be my third "olympic" distance triathlon -- 1.5k swim, 40k bike, and 10k run.

Also, for all you folks who still live in Santa Cruz (or any diehards from up here in the SF area), let me know if you have any interest in coming out to cheer us on -- it will probably be pretty exciting to watch, although it's a little early. I don't know my exact start time yet but apparently people are starting in waves from 8-9am, and Thrusty and I should be staggered enough apart that one of us should be cruising by on our way in or out from one leg to the next every 15-20 minutes.

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