December 12, 2006

holy crap I'm making jewelry! (Shameless self-promotion alert)

I've been thinking for a while that it might be interesting to make jewelry, and I've gotten even more inspired by some friends' creative successes, like Made With Molecules and Glitterlimes, to name a few. What seemed to keep stumping me, however, was trying to figure out how to incorporate my drawing into jewelry. I am in the process of working out where my art career is going, but I know that drawing has to be the key element in whatever I make. It was only recently that an idea started forming that I thought might work, and once I tried it out, everything has just been falling into place.
So, in the last few weeks, I've made a series of sterling silver and glass pendants, 10 in all, that contain little illustrations of various animals (of course!) with their latin and common names.
See some samples!

Note: these images are larger-than-life: the pendants are actually about 1 inch high and 3/4 in wide.

Great Indian hornbill:

Black-crowned night heron, with pencil for scale:


Axolotl (this picture is actually of a prototype, but you get the idea):


Here's some other designs, waiting to be mounted --
american crow, plumed basilisk, emperor nautilus, walrus, european honeybee:


And, to be finished tomorrow, spectacled flying fox and long-tailed macaque. Woo!

So the timing of this whole venture ended up being a little strange -- I ordered some supplies, thinking it would take a while for them to get to me and for me to make the jewelry, but then everything arrived really quickly and is coming together really quickly too. It's just a little too late to really get them out to holiday fairs or to jump on the whole hey-guys-buy-my-cool-stuff-for-people-as-holiday-gifts bandwagon. But I'm really excited about it, and wanted to share, and also to let you all know that I'm about to place an order for a bunch of supplies, so like let me know if you might be interested in one!

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December 6, 2006

Very Belated Treasure Island Triathlon Race Report

It's been a while, but this years series of posts about my triathlons wouldn't be complete without discussing this last one -- The Treasure Island Triathlon, November 4th, 2006.

This triathlon is special because it was the first one I ever did, one year previous, and part of the reason I wanted to do it was to see how much I've improved over a year, with three triathlons under my belt. Overall I shaved 14 minutes off last years' time! (All in the swim and the bike portions -- my run was ONE SECOND faster than last year. Guess you can tell which sport I don't enjoy working on ;) )

Todd totally kicked ass and took it to a WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL. You can check out his stats too.

Here's some photos and details about my race...

The Course:

In general, Treasure Island is a weird race because the island is so small that each leg involves multiple loops on the same course. The swim is two approximately 750m loops around 3 big inflatable buoys, the run is two 3.1 mile loops from the transition area to a jetty on the eastern side of the island, and the bike ride is 6(!) increasingly tedious loops of about 4 miles each through weird areas of abandoned military buildings and residential streets. You have that bike course memorized by the end, that's for sure. Another thing that's crazy about the bike course is on each loop you make about 10 90 degree turns -- it is considered to be very "technical". It's entirely flat except for one short steep hill near the end of each lap -- you bike straight up the road that leads back towards the bay bridge, turn around at the top, and shoot back down as fast as you can (if you're like me, that is, and see the downhills as the best way to make up time ;) )

The Race:


For whatever reason (and just like last year!) there were no photos taken of me coming out of the water. However, one of my friends got a picture of what looks like my division, or "wave" (female 35-39) waiting to start in the water -- we were wearing white caps. Treasure Island is a deep water start, which I prefer -- the gun goes off and you just start swimming. None of the mayhem of a bunch of people running into the water, all deciding to switch from running to swimming at different times, elbowing each other...

The bike ride was totally fun. I have gotten really fast at cornering, and have practiced on this course a lot, so I was a speed demon.


See that guy? The one on the bike that's way fancier than mine? I'm about to pass his bitch ass. That's right, LOOK OUT!


I also like to pass as many people as I can on that one downhill part of the course. It is very tempting to yell "COMIN THROUGH!"


I can't believe someone managed to get a photo of me SMILING while running! I can't believe I actually was smiling while running! I must have been really close to the finish line ;)


What a retard! Oh well, I just FINISHED ANOTHER TRIATHLON! Take that, bitches!

Here's my stats, for those who care:
#13 in my age group (out of 36 women) #378 overall (out of 652 people) #83 (out of 220 women)
Total time: 2:56:58 (last year: 3:10:49)
swim 0:33:39
transition from swim to bike 0:02:56 (FAST! I had to take off my wetsuit and everything!)
bike 1:22:47
transition from bike to run 0:01:27
run 0:56:09

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