April 24, 2007

sneak preview of my newest jewelry design

Here is the design for the Pacific Giant Octopus. I liked the line drawing enough I scanned it in before coloring it.
I must say that this octopus is the hardest jewelry design I have done yet. You'd think it would be easy, with their extreme flexibility and all, they should be able to be posed in any position, but man! So many legs! I ended up doing more sketches for this one than any other (about 30) but today I finally came up with something I'm really happy with.


Now, I will color it!

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April 23, 2007

resurfacing -- catching up with Tammy


APE was an intense and crazy weekend, and I'm pretty wiped out from so much selling my wares and interacting with strangers, but all in all I had a really great time. Sold a ton of comics, and even a couple necklaces, and handed out huge masses of cards with the jewelry url on it -- they generated a LOT of interest. Let's hope people come to my site and buy stuff! I also met a bunch of other really interesting artists, got to see a bunch of old friends from school and conventions past, and gave my comic to some publishers. We'll see what happens!

Excerpt from Breeding Season, my newest comic

Russell's comics came out really beautifully (go get your copies!), and I think he ROCKED his first APE experience! He is also a delight to share a table with.

What else have I been up to?!
As if APE didn't make things busy enough, Todd and I are training for another triathlon on the weekend of May 5th-6th. We'll be doing Wildflower again, at lake San Antonio near Paso Robles. We did this one last year, but this year Todd will actually be doing the LONG COURSE, which is a HALF IRONMAN distance (1.2m Swim, 56m Bike, 13.1m Run!) I am sticking with what I did last year, the course they refer to, insultingly, as the "short course", which is plenty long enough for me: (1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run.)
In preparation for this event, and because my mom was visiting, last weekend Todd and I did the Icebreaker Triathlon, a shorter tri that is held in and around Folsom Lake near Sacramento. It was a great training exercise and really pretty fun, despite big winds.

They got some cute pics of us!

speedy tam


speedy todd

More stuff
I'm still working hard on the jewelry. I'm now selling at 5 stores locally, and I'm trying to get the line picked up by a catalog so I can get more publicity as well as sales. I'm also going to be sending out a press release soon, because the best possible situation is for people to come to MY SITE and buy direct FROM ME! Tell a friend!

I dyed my hair PINK.

Then, I dyed it RED.

I posted a ton more pics from Costa Rica: set starts here.

I haven't seen nearly enough of all of you... but thanks to everyone who came out to APE! Your love and support means so much to me!

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April 18, 2007

come see me and my new comic at APE this weekend!

I know I've been SO remiss in posting what I've been up to lately, but that's because I have been way too busy! All good things, but time consuming ...
More on that later. For now:

Russell and I are going to be sharing a table at the APE (the Alternative Press Expo) this weekend, selling our awesome comics! And my awesome jewelry, including a SPECIAL CONVENTION EDITION necklace, tied in with my comic... I also know of SO many other great people making cool stuff who will have tables at APE (including our own JD!) so if you have any interest in cool indie comics, drawings, and other neat handmade stuff, you will LOVE it!
If that's not enough incentive, we'll even be featuring Suzanne as our beautiful booth babe... can you really afford to miss this event?

APE is held at the the Concourse Exhibition Center, at 620 7th Street (near Townsend) in San Francisco. Hours are Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 11-6.
For more info: APE is all over comic con's website right now.

A sneak peak at the cover of my elephant seal comic, Breeding Season, which is finally done and will make its debut THIS WEEKEND...


woo! I can't believe I did it! Come get your copy and read all about my crazy exploits with elephant seals!

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