August 24, 2007

alcatraz challenge -- a web comic!

follow the link!


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August 21, 2007

Woo! Some new jewelry designs!

I've been working hard lately on a new series of animal designs, this time all creatures from Monterey Bay. Here's a sneak preview:


The Monterey series will actually include 12 different designs, 4 of which are currently displayed on my site. With any luck I'll get the other 8 on the site and ready for sale in the next two weeks! Before that, I will be bugging the gift shop at a certain aquarium in the hopes that they will sell my pieces there!

I actually spent a lot of time in July expanding my jewelry site, and realized I completely forgot to post about it here. Earrings! Peregrines! A whole page about custom orders! Click on the 'jewelry' link to see all kinds of new stuff, if you wanna!

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August 15, 2007

livin' la vida loca

Hi, it's been way too long since I've had a chance to post! I would like to talk about what I've been doing for the last 2? 3? months in more detail, but that would take so much time at this point I figured I'd just start with a brief summary and links to some photos, or else I'll NEVER get around to it. The last six weeks have been especially insane, with some event or trip taken ever single weekend. For details, check out BEHIND the cut:

June 30/July 1: moved from "Todd's" flat to "my" flat, just next door, but still a major undertaking.

July 5-July 8: trip to Black Rock desert and Donner lake! After only about 30 hours on the playa, we found ourselves alone and without shade, so decided to head back to Donner lake for the rest of our weekend, to camp in the woods and preview the area for the following week's Donner triathlon.
photos from playa/Donner lake trip.

July 13-July 15: back to Donner lake for belated anniversary weekend + "international distance" triathlon. I intend to post a race report, but suffice it to say, we both kicked ass considering the altitude: 6000-7200 feet!

July 21-22: went down to Santa Cruz to stay with Bob and Yvonne for SCUBA diving weekend! Saturday we all went to the Cabrillo pool for a 2 hour dive refresher course (it had been about 3 years since any of us had been diving). Sunday we put Bob's boat in the water at the Monterey wharf, and sped over to Carmel for an amazing if chilly dive at the beautiful Pinnacles dive spot.

July 25-29: I drove all the way down to San Diego to sell comics, prints, and jewelry at my very own table in the small press area of the San Diego Comic Convention! Very hard work, but I sold a fair amount of stuff, gave out a ton of cards with my websites on them, made some good connections, and hung out with some awesome people. I only got a few photos, but you'll like them!

August 5th: Todd and I competed for the second time in the Alcatraz Challenge, which is considered an "aquathon". You get dropped off in a boat right by the ROCK, and then swim back to Chrissy Field, where you dump your wetsuit, put on running shoes, and run to the Golden Gate bridge, over the bridge, and back.
The conditions in the bay this year were pretty awful, so it was by far the hardest and longest swim either of us have ever done. Comic and pics to come soon!

August 9th-12th: birthday backpacking trip to Sykes hot springs in Big Sur. Yes, this is what I WANTED to do for my birthday. JD, Logan, and John accompanied Todd and I on a 23 mile or so round trip into the Ventana Wilderness east of Big Sur to hot springs and a big cold swimming hole. This time, I took lots of photos!

That brings us up to date! See what I mean? My life has been insane! However, each of these experiences have been so wonderful in so many different ways, I'd do it all over again. Although if it were up to me, I'd insert in a few weekends when I had nothing going on... WHEW!

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