October 18, 2007

Sunday! Cool local handmade crafty fair in SF! And.. ME!

Hey! So I alluded to this a few weeks ago, and now it's here! The magnificent Raven of Made with Molecules and I will be sharing a table at Craft Mafia's Mafia Made Holiday Trunk Show, where all kinds of cool local artsy craftsy folks will be hocking their beautiful, funky handmade wares. NOW is the time to buy cute stuff for yourself, isn't it? Or at least look at it, and tell the artists who made it how awesome their stuff is, and most of all, come say hi to me!
Here's the details:

Sunday, October 21st
at the SF County Fair Building, also known as the HALL of Flowers (not the Conservatory of Flowers!) in Golden Gate Park
That's at 9th Ave. and Lincoln Way, right inside the park.
Google Map
park map

hope to see some of you there, or at least soon :)

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October 3, 2007

October Craft Fairs

I'm going to be selling my jewelry as well as some prints, and little paintings, at a couple of craft fairs in the bay area over the next month. If you feel like shopping or just wandering around and looking at cool stuff handmade by local designers, you should come visit me!
THIS Friday night I'm participating in an event called Feria Urbana, a gifty craft fair that some of you may have visited in the past when it was held at Canvas Gallery near 9th and Irving in SF. Well, now Feria Urbana is going to help the Oakland Museum become part of Oakland's "first Friday" extravaganza, so we'll be setting up tables in front of the museum and selling cool crap on Friday night, October 5th, from 5-9pm. There will apparently be a DJ, FULL bar, and the museum will be open late. I think it sounds like fun! Plus, when was the last time you visited the Oakland Museum? AND, Raven of Made With Molecules has a table too, so you can visit R as well, and check out HER awesome jewelry!

The Oakland Museum is on 10th street at Oak in downtown Oakland. Feria Urbana is this Friday, October 5th, from 5-9pm. Do it! Come buy me a drink!

The next fair I'll be doing is the Mafia Made Trunk Show on Sunday October 21st, and this time Raven and I will be sharing a table. I'll post more details next week, but for now I'll just tell you it's from 12-5 and will be held in SF's "Hall of Flowers" (not to be confused with the Conservatory of Flowers) near 9th and Lincoln in Golden Gate Park.

In other news, just got back from Panning Man, and it was a BLAST... will be posting pictures soon, and this time I promise I'll remember to post about it and link to it! I think I forgot to post in here about our last triathlons of this season, so HERE:

Tammy's Pacific Grove Olympic Distance triathlon and Todd's Big Kahuna half-ironman in Santa Cruz the next day!

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