November 6, 2007

TINY show

I know, lately this has been the come-to-this-art-event blog, but I'm really busy and I feel like if nothing else I want to let you know about these things I'm participating in!

There's this awesome show called TINY that happens every year around this time, at a cool little gallery/store on Polk street in SF called Studio Gallery. This show is neat because they basically divide their whole gallery wallspace into 7"x7" squares, and hang tons of pieces by different artists, all of which are smaller than 7x7 and under $400. I am showing some of my state bird art, as well as couple of other new small bird paintings I made recently. My jewelry will also be making its debut at Studio Gallery at this show (after which they'll continue selling it!)
The opening is this Saturday, November 10th, from 4-8. I will be there for at least part of that time! I have to warn you that parking can be kind of rough around there, however! The show will be until December 23rd, so you can see the work anytime, the gallery is open almost every day.

Studio Gallery is at 1718A Polk Street (between Clay & Washington) in SF
TINY opening is this Saturday, Nov 10th, 4-8pm

Behind the cut, one of my new little bird paintings. (4"x5" or so)


This is a painting of a bird I saw when I was in Iceland called the common or "drumming" snipe. They're a sandpiper-ish bird, and interesting enough to look at, but the really cool thing about them is the sound they make when they're flying. Those black and white striped feathers that stick out on either side of their tails make this amazing buzzing sound when they fly around, kind of a deep, musical whirr (hence the "drumming".) I was really captivated by them when I encountered them at this weird volcanic wetland I visited in Iceland -- the text collaged into the background of this image is taken from my own journal entry describing that day. You can also see a little map of Iceland -- I love to put maps into my collages whenever it's appropriate!

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