July 31, 2008

platypus is done!

Thanks so much for all your input. What I probably should have explained is that neither drawing was going to be the final, I was just looking for preference with regards to the pus's position (head up and to the right, with butt facing you, or swimming towards you.) But actually the fact that you didn't know that gave me that much more insight about what you were liking or not liking in the drawing, so that influenced my final anyway. And here it is! It's pretty much done, although I'll probably tweak the handwritten text some more.
Must go to East bay now, so posting to Etsy tomorrow morning... close enough...
Posted by tammy at 3:20 PM

July 30, 2008

help me pick a platypus!

For my next Stellanova Jewelry pendant, I'm going to be doing a platypus. An Etsy team I'm part of (Mad Scientists of Etsy, or MSOE) has a monthly "make some art for Etsy on the following science-y topic" challenge, and the topic for July is 'platypus'. Obviously I just have to participate in this one, but I only have a day left! I've now done two drawings I really like of platypuses that fit in my little oval frame, but I'm stuck because I can't decide which one I like better! I can't do an official poll thingy, but just reply asap and let me know which one you prefer.

Posted by tammy at 3:35 PM