August 10, 2008

illustrations and stuff

Been back in San Francisco for almost five weeks, and this crappy freezing weather isn't making it any easier! However, I have been hard at work in the studio, so at least having to stay inside is making me get stuff done.

San Diego comic con went really well -- sold a lot of jewelry, some books, and gave away a zillion cards advertising my jewelry and illustration sites -- hopefully lots of people will visit and BUY MY SHIT! Made some new good connections and reinforced some others. The most amazing thing was that a number of FANS from last year came to say hi, see what was new for this year, buy jewelry or the new book, or at least just to say hi. What an amazing feeling! Jeanne came with me and was a totally AWESOME saleswoman/booth babe -- I've decided that she is an essential part of my comic selling ventures, whether she likes it or not (good thing she does!) I forgot my camera, but Jeanne took plenty of great pics!

Other stuff to look at:
I updated with some newer illustrations, some of which you might recognize from previous posts. It seems like its all animals! Not that I MIND, but I should probably get more people in my portfolio soon, because I like doing people too, and I want to represent that. The new page includes two paintings from my new little illustrated book I made in time for San Diego, Six Months on the Big Island -- My Encounters with Hawaiian Wildlife. See em here.

Eventually, I want to set up a store on tstellanovacom so I can sell my comics etc. directly -- it's so easy to set up but time-consuming, and I'm being lazy. In the meantime I'm planning to put them up at my Etsy store so at least there will be a place to go. Are you on Etsy? If so, you can favorite my store if you wanna! I have a small subset of my jewelry stuff up there, and intend to put up more prints and comics and stuff. I love my Stellanova jewelry store, but I figured I could get help with more exposure on Etsy. Never did get the platypus in there in time for the 'platypus challenge', but it IS finally done, so I'm going to put it up anyway... this week...

Here's my most recent published illustration, another astrology page banner image for Oakbook. This one highlights two summer signs, Cancer and Leo. Leo, which is ME -- my birthday is tomorrow! Yay! Or whatever!

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