September 29, 2008

Thought I should at least post a few updates of what the hell I've been up to!

Especially for those of you who don't use Twitter! I've been so busy doing all kinds of things all I've bothered to do to keep in touch on the WUBZ is to "tweet" periodically.

So I finally got browbeaten into joining Facebook, and even though it still kind of freaks me out, I have found a few people I haven't seen in a million years. An old friend from high school tracked me down on there, and before I knew it, she'd bought this painting! Finally! So exciting! (I kind of miss it a little bit though.)

I've become a regular contributor to Oakbook , doing an illustration for their zodiac page in each issue, which comes out every two months. Well now they've also decided they want to serialize a comic in their magazine, and have selected me to write and draw it! I am SO excited about how these first two (full-color) pages have come out, and I've been wanting to post it ever since I finished it, but I feel like I should wait until the magazine comes out, which is not for a few weeks. Anyway, I'll show you soon!
In other comic news, I'm working on another mini-comic to debut at APE, which is coming up November 1st and 2nd. I'll be sharing a table with mister borogove, who is working on the second issue of his awesome comic,The Endless Sea. The comic I'm making is about all the birds I've been seeing as I've gone running down at Chrissy Field, and will contain plenty of black and white drawings of San Francisco landmarks and BIRDS.

That brings me to this other thing... I haven't done any triathlons since that insane half-ironman in Hawaii in May, but I am training for a half marathon that I'm participating in on October 12th. It's a trail marathon that goes along old rail routes in the hills near Lassen. I'm doing a lot of running lately, obviously, and today I just finished a long run that was satisfying for personal reasons as well as athletic ones. Ever since I moved to our house in the city I've had this goal that I wanted to be able to run to Ocean Beach and back... well I finally just did it. 9.32 miles round trip, (or EXACTLY 15k, strangely enough) and it was sunny all the way through the park and glorious out at the beach. YAY!
Ok but so the bummer thing is, the main reason I signed up for this race was so I could participate in this event with Todd, who was going to be doing his first marathon. But in his rigorous run training he hurt a ligament, and now it looks like he's not going to be able to do it. It SUCKS! I hope he somehow magically heals faster than he's been told, so he can do it after all... his training had been going so well up until that point!

In other news, a boutique called G2 Gallery in Venice, CA came across my jewelry online and contacted me about wanting to sell it at their store. I sent them my wholesale catalog, and they ended up ordering quite a few pieces! I hope they do well there. This gallery has a nature focus, and they apparently donate all of their proceeds to environmental charities! Not sure how that works, but how awesome is that?

Also, I'm doing a whole bunch of craft fairs this holiday season; 5 if you count APE, which I sort of do! When it gets a little closer to the time I'll post about it here.

I'm going to see My Bloody Valentine play tomorrow night in SF, which is really bizarre. They were my FAVORITE BAND for so many years -- those of you who've known me that long may even associate them with me, that's how CRAZY I was for them, and especially their album Loveless. I saw them play live twice in '92, but then when they never came out with anything again they kind of let me down. That was SO long ago. And here they are, coming back to SF after 16 years. I have no idea what to expect, except that my eardrums will bleed if I don't bring earplugs... rumor has it that aspect of their performances hasn't changed!

That's pretty much it for now... I'm spending almost every day in the studio, gearing up for what looks to be a pretty intense holiday season. but sales are a good thing!

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