December 2, 2008

Sorry long time no post (again)

But it's better to be too busy doing cool things to have time to post about them than to have lots of time to post because I'm not doing anything, right?
SO I am hoping to be able to put up some of my illustration work from the last couple months soon, but for now I'm going to post what I'm working on at this very moment -- jewelry for craft fairs!
I'm doing two craft fairs that you should totally come to if you're looking for awesome, unique, locally handmade gifts for winter holidays and/or yourself. BUY LOCAL! Another reason to come is so you can say hi to me and my awesome table-mates, Raven, and Jeremy, and look at all of our cool stuff!

This weekend, December 6th-7th, we'll have a table at Mission Bazaar, a two-day extravaganza held in the Mission armory building (I'm excited about this, I've never been inside it!) It is $5 to get in, and will be open from 10-6 Saturday and 11-6 Sunday. Or so. I have some differing reports on the exact times!

Next weekend, I'll be at the KPFA Craft and Music fair, all day Dec 13th-14th. This event is held at the SF Concourse (7th/Brannan), and although it costs $10 to get in, you can feel good about how that money goes to KPFA! So uberfilmsnob told me about this event, and showed me a bunch of stuff she got there last year, and I was convinced at that time that I HAD to participate. I was lucky enough to be selected (the jury process was pretty intense) and I am so excited about it!

OK but I am most excited about the FIVE new Stellanova Jewelry animals I'm about to make and put up on my website by the end of the week. They'll be making their LIVE DEBUT at Mission Bazaar this weekend. Check out these awesome guys!


ok more soon!

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