March 15, 2009

More freaky deep sea things...

At the dreaming sea!

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March 12, 2009

oh man, I LOVE Rome!

I am currently watching the second season of the HBO series Rome, no longer being made, and I'm dreading the fact that we only have 6 episodes left! That's IT! What an amazing show! Please, take your big budgets and recreate history for me in the most lavish and realistic way possible, thank you! It's like a time machine without actually having to SMELL Ancient Rome! No but seriously, I'm loving the costumes, the sets, the characters, and the retelling/embellishment of historical events. Filmed in Italy, no less. The point is, as I often do, I've been sketching the characters as I watch the series. Here's some of my favorites from Season 1. I've got more on the way, will post when I'm done with the series (*SOB*)

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March 3, 2009

New comic at the dreaming sea...

Freaky deep sea creatures!

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