June 7, 2009

I've been traveling like crazy, here's some photos!

I know, long time no post, but I was basically traveling the entire month of May, and the end of April as well. At least I took a lot of photos...
So about a week ago I got back from Thailand and Laos, where I just spent a little over two weeks. The week before we left, I spent a week working on an illustration project in Yosemite, and two weeks before that, I went to Tucson to visit my mom. Needless to say I had no time to post any of the photos I took... UNTIL NOW. I have been sick for the last few days, nothing serious, but leaving me with enough brainfog to be somewhat useless at most things, except in exactly the right state for lying around with a laptop and sorting through photos! So here's links to all three photosets, although the Thailand and Laos set is just starting -- it will probably take me a few weeks to post those photos in installments.

YEEHAW! Tuscon visit April 2009
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YEEHAW! Yosemite "Business Trip" May 2009
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YEEHAW! (ok, no riding of anything
pics from this trip that I can find)
Thailand and Laos May 2009

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