February 25, 2010

new comic at the dreaming sea... EELS!

I think they're really cute, but I think a lot of things are cute that other people don't.


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February 8, 2010

more aquatic inspiration at the dreaming sea...

The awesome, adorable Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse

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February 2, 2010

new pet portrait commission

Recently I was commissioned to do a portrait of Clancy, a much-loved, spunky springer spaniel who lives with his family in San Francisco. This portrait will be a surprise gift from one of his parents to the other - I can't wait to hear her reaction!
Under ideal circumstances, I get to meet the pet myself, take my own reference photos, and spend some time with them in their home, trying to get a bit of an impression of their personality. I was delighted to have the opportunity to do this with Clancy.

I went through my photos and provided my client with three different sketches I'd made from my favorite photos of Clancy - the photos I felt best represented what I saw of his personality (and how cute he is!) I asked her to decide which one she wanted. Here's the sketches I gave her:


on to the final....

She had trouble deciding, but ended up selecting Clancy lying down, looking relaxed and happy. I just completed the painting yesterday and will be sending it off today.


6"x8", acrylic

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this week at the dreaming sea...

Humpback whales!

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