October 19, 2010

LOTS of press for Science Tarot!

It is astounding and exciting how much press the Science Tarot project I participated in is getting since our grand opening/release party at the California Academy of Sciences party on September 23rd. Check out some of these great links!

Really nice article in the blog for The Scientist magazine. The author interviewed a bunch of us at our release party and afterwards.

An article in the blog for New Scientist, a popular UK science magazine. This guy interviewed us at the Academy opening event as well.

We got boingboinged!

This was not a place I ever expected to find a post about us, but I'll take it (especially the prominent placement of my "Return to the Sea" card, yippee!) Urban Outfitters Blog

All this press appears to be stimulating an huge onslaught of orders for the Science Tarot deck, so awesome! I can only hope that people will notice my illustrations and perhaps this publicity will generate more illustration work for me as well. In any case, I am really happy with my Science Tarot pieces and I am so delighted that the deck is getting so much exposure!

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October 4, 2010

Back in the bay area! This means dreaming sea comics about HERE!

New comic at the dreaming sea - the wonders of bird watching on the San Francisco Bay.

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