November 26, 2010

Illustration Friday - sneaky!

This week I decided to participate in Illustration Friday, a weekly illustration exercise. Every Friday a new theme is chosen, and anyone who wants to can create an illustration relating to the topic and then post a link to it on the Illustration Friday site. It is really neat to click through everyone's contributions and see all the different styles, media, and different ways people interpret the theme.
I didn't quite make it in time for last Friday's topic, but I wanted to post my "sneaky" illustration anyway, so here's my sneaky mongoose!



Here's where you can see the other "sneaky" illustrations.

Next week's topic is savour, and if I have time I hope to do another one. I'd like to at least try to participate periodically - it's a great, low-pressure way to work on solving illustration problems and potentially generate some cool stuff.

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November 24, 2010

Happy thanksgiving!


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November 15, 2010

cover art for the dreaming sea, volume 1

A few weeks ago I made a new little publication so I'd have something fresh to show at APE - I made a print version of 14 of my web comics from the dreaming sea. I only made 20 and between selling them and trading/giving a few away, I've completely run out, but I will soon produce more so I can sell them with my other publications on my Etsy store.
So I didn't have to make any new content for the insides of this little book, but I did end up making new illustrations for the cover, inside cover, and title page, all of which I am really happy with! I digitally colored the cover image at the time I was printing the book, mostly because of time constraints, but I think I'm going to take the time to handpaint the original line drawing. Then I will probably make prints of the inside cover and cover art to sell on Etsy as well.

Here it is! Click for big version!


Extra special thanks to the lovely and cooperative Anandamayi - she modeled for this illustration by GETTING IN A POOL WITH A DRESS ON!

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November 1, 2010

A visit to Mono Lake

A new travel sketchbook comic at the dreaming sea: Mono Lake, California

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