December 7, 2010

Stellanova Jewelry holiday specials and new designs

If you're on my jewelry mailing list you already know that I'm offering some specials for the holidays this year. First off, some free shipping: Stellanova Jewelry orders will be shipped free to anywhere in the US until December 31st if you order through my site. Yay!
I'm also offering a $10 discount for a few select designs: the brown sea nettle (jellyfish), Pacific Giant Octopus, and Green Basilisk necklaces will all be available for $68 until the end of the month as well.
I am also super excited about my new designs - it's been a while. Some of you may have already seen the brown pelican, spinner dolphin, and black widow necklaces I made this summer - I'm finally now getting them up on the Stellanova Jewelry site. Then I have three more brand-new designs I'm just finishing up - the leafy sea dragon, red-ruffed lemur, and blue-footed booby. Check 'em out!

I should be done getting these new pieces uploaded and ready for sale by the end of the day tomorrow, December 8th. Dec 8th UPDATE new designs are now live! Wahoo!
Happy holidays to you, whatever you celebrate at this time of year :)

Posted by tammy at 11:15 AM