July 19, 2011

Off to 2011 San Diego Comic Con International!

Once again it's been a long time since I last updated this blog, but at least it's because I've been working on so much stuff!
I am leaving for comic con in the morning, where I'll again have a table in the small press section. As I have in the past, I'll be sharing my table with the talented Josh FrankeI, another East Bay comic artist/natural history fanatic. I don't have any brand-new books this year, although I am bringing a book that I completed last fall as well as my (8!) other comics/illustrated books to sell. My most recent publication, The Dreaming Sea (vol 1) is a printed compilation of my webcomics of the same name. Since the printing of this comic for APE last fall, I've had to all but abandon the web version of The Dreaming Sea, but I hope to resume posting regularly when I have more time.
Besides the comics, I will of course be offering plenty of Stellanova Jewelry for sale, but this year I've decided to try something new - t-shirts! I've always wanted to produce my own illustrated shirts, but it seems like time or money has always gotten in the way. I finally managed to work it out this year, and have produced a shirt I'm really happy with, featuring my pen and ink natural history illustrations of five sea urchin species common to Hawai'i and the South Pacific. I know this topic is a bit obscure, but I'm hoping people who love natural history and marine life will be as attracted to the shirt as they are to my jewelry!

This an image of the women's cut tee - regular t-shirts will also be available in a similar color and I'll be offering sizes S-XL in both styles. I plan to put these shirts up on Etsy when I get back for easy online ordering!

Here's one of the original drawings: a zebra urchin


And this is my favorite tropical sea urchin, the pencil or slate-pencil urchin. The spines of these urchins are solid, smooth but hard as bone, and as thick as my pinky finger. The pencil urchins I see in Hawai'i are an incredible shade of brilliant orange-red.

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