February 24, 2012

new online comic/illustration for Story Collider

Story Collider is a really cool science-related podcast that recently started up an online magazine at their site. They sent out a call looking for illustrators and comic artists who might be interested in contributing, so when a friend forwarded the email to me, I of course had to contact them immediately!

I ended up doing my first piece for them a few weeks ago, a sort of free-form comic/illustration adaptation of one of the podcasts from their archive. I was given a few to choose from, but one of the stories especially compelled me - a live piece by Cyndi Freeman, a New York storyteller and burlesque dancer, whose life was transformed after she discovered a suspicious lump in her breast.

I started out trying to draw this piece in more of a standard comic format, telling the story panel by panel, but I realized that a lot of what was interesting about Cyndi's story were her own words and thoughts rather than the events as they happened. I chose instead to draw a bunch of vignettes from the story as I imagined them, and to use Cyndi's own words to tell the story among my drawings. It was a pretty challenging piece for me but I'm really satisfied with the finished product. The best part is that Cyndi contacted me to say how much she loved it!

Here's an excerpt:

You can see the whole thing on Story Collider's site.

Today the story was mentioned in two different places online - so exciting to get press!

The Hairpin

And I am not lying

And here's some more info about the amazing Cyndi Freeman. If you're in NYC I highly recommend going to see her perform, either telling stories or doing burlesque as her alter ego, Cherry Pitz! I hope to get out there to see her myself in the not too distant future...

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February 6, 2012

Visited one of my favorite spots in Hilo yesterday...

So I thought I'd post this comic about it here (originally drawn in 2010 and posted on the dreaming sea blog.)


I saw ALL FOUR of these bird species there yesterday! This is a first!

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